Swidlux 46 IC: Gyp & Wood

SWIDLUX 46 IC is a two-lamp wallwasher for 12V 20W incandescent ARL12 lamps, with a 4” by 6” rectangular aperture. Designed to appear as a part of a ceiling which has been SWIDLUX  46 IC expresses its function in a simple, readable form and a reduced scale. The slanted baffle is finished to match the ceiling, and the light opening is closed with Solite glass. SWIDLUX 46 IC works well in intimate modern environments due to its scale and the soft modulation of its light field. Its elemental simplicity makes it excellent for formal spaces as well. SWIDLUX 46 IC is highly efficient, providing wallwash light levels at 40W per unit. SWIDLUX 46 IC is designed for flangeless mounting in gypsum board or wood ceilings.

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